The study



Our Pilates studio is structured in a welcoming room with attention to design and soundproofed, equipped with all the great tools: Reformer, Cadillac, Combo Chair, Ladder Barrel and Spine Corrector.

An environment specially designed to create the ideal status of "mind-body" connection or as the great Joseph Hubertus Pilates claimed "help the mind to acquire full power over its body".

Led by Master Trainer Max Ratta and his excellent staff, you will find the ideal conditions for a highly qualitative approach.
Pilates lessons are divided into individual lessons, duet lessons and small group lessons with a maximum of 5 people.
The lessons last 55 minutes.
Max also holds matwork pilates lessons.

Do not be impressed by the images of the exercises, thinking that you will never be able to perform them ... The beginning of the path will be gradual and will respect your times, but you will be yourself after a few lessons, to perceive greater awareness and mastery of your body, being able to make movements that you would never have previously believed possible. In fact, Pilates is not only an excellent training method that is good for the body and mind, but it is also the means by which you can express and increase your potential.