Professional qualifications

Master's degree with honors in motor activity sciences.
Master in Clinical Posturology.
Matwork Pilates, Sport Academy London.
Comprehensive Matwork and Great Tools, Clinical Pilates School (Prof. Marco Ciervo).
International certifications: Comprehensive Pilates Program, International Body & Flow Pilates School.
Pilates Master Trainer (trainer and licensee for Italy) Body & Flow Pilates.
International presenter.
APPI Certified comprehensive Fourth Level Trainer.

Dr. Massimiliano Ratta Pilates Master Trainer

The training course.

Max Ratta has been in the fitness industry for over 25 years. Graduated in Exercise Sciences, Pilates Master Trainer, Fitness consultant, Personal Trainer and FILPJK and FIPCF physical culture teacher at the C.O.N.I. His professional and educational path is divided between Italy and abroad: he was Fitness Director and Personal Trainer in the fitness centers of cruise ships (Costa Cruises, Princess and Royal Caribbean), he writes articles on training and HIT techniques (High Intensity Training) for some of the most important national portals.

He approaches Pilates in 2004 and in 2005 he achieves his first certification in Pilates Matwork, at the Sport Academy in London. In 2009 after a long training and internship he achieves the certification of Pilates Teacher with large tools, at the Clinical Pilates School Prof. Marco Ciervo. After several years dedicated to an in-depth study on the biomechanics of Pilates exercises, in 2009 he developed the "Adapted on the mat" program, it is a series of exercises performed with large tools adapted to matwork.

In 2010 he developed the "Pilates & Mental Training" system, a synergy between classic Pilates exercises combined with the studies and knowledge acquired over the years during his travels between England and Thailand, including breathing techniques, meditation and autogenic training. .

Since 2014 he has been International Presenter for the Wellzon Fitness Academy, for which he carries out Pilates training workshops and stages around Europe. Since 2016 he has been a C.S.E.N. for Pilates Matwork, Body Building and Personal Trainer training courses.

In 2017 under the guidance of Master Trainer Ory Avni, dancer and choreographer trained in the famous school of Martha Graham, he obtained the international certifications Pilates Apparatus 1 and Apparatus 2 at "The Pilates Studio" in Bangkok, Thailand, with the American school Body & Flow Pilates, one of the world-class Pilates schools accredited by the Pilates Method Alliance On 8 May 2018 it will be a date to remember, Max officially becomes Pilates Master Trainer (trainer and teacher of teachers) for the international school Body & Flow Pilates, a wonderful and prestigious goal.

In July 2019 his book on Pilates "CONTROLOGY, the uniqueness in the entirety of the Pilates method" comes out. The book is the result of a long research work, almost 30 years of experience in the field of fitness and 16 in Pilates. A book aimed at telling Pilates in its history, in its principles, in purposes and in philosophy, with a very accurate graphic part.

In May 2020 he graduated Doctor in Sciences of motor activities, with the experimental thesis "The Pilates method as a means to improve biomechanics in sports". The degree thesis, which places the Pilates method in an innovative perspective light, is awarded with the maximum score.

In 2021 he also achieved the master's degree in sports science and sports management with a grade of 110 and honors, with a thesis on administrative sports law: "The complexity of administrative sports law and its interpretation in conventional law".

In 2021 he develops and registers the Nasdak® program, a metabolic training system for professional and non-professional athletes, aimed at increasing performance levels, such as endurance, explosive strength, recovery capacity, flexibility and coordination.

International Pilates training school Body & Flow

International Pilates training school Body & Flow