Professional qualifications

Master's degree with honors in motor activity sciences.
Master in Clinical Posturology.
Matwork Pilates, Sport Academy London.
Comprehensive Matwork and Great Tools, Clinical Pilates School (Prof. Marco Ciervo).
International certifications: Comprehensive Pilates Program, International Body & Flow Pilates School.
Pilates Master Trainer (trainer and licensee for Italy) Body & Flow Pilates.
International presenter.
APPI Certified comprehensive Fourth Level Trainer.

Dr. Massimiliano Ratta Pilates Master Trainer

The training course.

Master's degree with honors in Sport Sciences and Management.
Dignified thesis: "Pilates as a means to improve biomechanics in sports".
Pilates Master Trainer.
APPI Pilates comprehensive 4th level Trainer.
Gyrotonic Level 1 Trainer.
Body Building Trainer 1, 2 and third level.
Personal Trainer 1, 2 and third level.
Qualification of Master of Physical Culture.
Olympic lifts snatch and jerk coach.
Athletic trainer.
Master of Sport, qualification obtained at the CONI School of Sport.
International presenter.
Creator and owner of the NASDAK brand.
Owner and Director of Pilates Studio and GYROTONIC Contrology.
Writer: to his credit 4 publications, two books on Pilates and two novels.
He has written two screenplays and a play.
It comes from a long career in weightlifting and competitive Body Building.
In 2004 he approaches to Pilates and it is the turning point of his professional life. In 2008 he presented his novel Ferite Siamesi, published by Arduino Sacco Editore. In 2011 "L'arabo" was released, a spy story thriller set in Thailand, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates. In 2019, after 15 years of studies and research, he presented his book on Pilates "Contrology, the uniqueness in the globality of the Pilates method". In 2020 what is the completion of the previous work comes out: Pilates, training on the Spine Corrector and Foam Roller In 2022 he completes the university Master's degree in posturology.
He speaks three languages, he loves traveling and learning about new cultures. He loves Tiziano Terzani's books, he has a series of stories in his drawer that he hasn't published yet entitled "Travel notes". He strongly believes in Pilates by virtue of the numerous feedbacks received in almost twenty years of teaching. Since 2018 he has been Master Trainer and educator for the international Body & Flow Pilates school, he holds training courses in Italy and abroad. Of Buddhist philosophy, he believes in karma, he is a firm supporter of ethics both from a professional and a more strictly personal point of view.

International Pilates training school Body & Flow

International Pilates training school Body & Flow