Some feedback from our customers

"Max is an excellent Pilates teacher, I worked with him in the Mat Work classes with the Reformer and Cadillac machines, rediscovering a new perception of my body. Now I feel the muscles really working, even when I perform the simplest of exercises, and above all it is I who induce and control the work of a certain muscle. Thanks Max!"

Luigina A.

"I practice Pilates with Max Ratta, I started with the Mat Work lessons, then I continued with the machines. Max has the ability to make even seemingly complicated things simple, this makes a normal teacher a great teacher."

Ofelia S.

"My husband and I met Max during a holiday in the Marche region, when I went to his studio for a Pilates lesson, being impressed by his professionalism and deep knowledge of the method. A great Pilates teacher ..."

Lidia F.

"Great, prepared and attentive to your every move, this is Pilates with Max. I've been practicing it for six months and my back pain disappeared. Thanks!"

Aurora M.

"An international experienced teacher, attentive and scrupulous, every lesson with Max is a new discovery for me. To go to his lessons I walk 40 km because I don't live in Grottammare, but it's worth it. Great Max!"

Gabriele S.

"I started practicing Pilates with Max Ratta 2 years ago, after previous unexciting experiences in this regard. When I went to his studio I immediately understood that I was dealing with a very prepared, professional person who knew the subject deeply. he understood what it means to practice the real Pilates method and his lessons are always motivating and creative. Thanks Max!"

Alessandra V.

"Top of the top, with Max I discovered the real Pilates and its essence, he taught me how to control and feel the Power House!"

Emidio R.

"I have had muscular and postural problems for some time, tonight after about a year of absence I returned to do a Pilates session: thanks to the mastery of the great Max, one of the best qualified instructors in Italy, I finally felt toned, elastic, decompressed and with a sense of muscular relief that I haven't felt for a long time. I realized that motor activity, in this case Pilates, under the professional management of the master Max Ratta, is the right solution for postural problems. I invite everyone to try to believe!"

Aurelia L.

"Pilates, who was he ...? One might say ... like Carneade, Pilates also comes from Greece, and in a certain sense he is a philosopher too. I didn't know anything about this training method, I thought it was one of many pastime for sissies in the throes of cellulite! Nothing more wrong! By researching and talking with Max Ratta I discovered that it is one of the most complete disciplines. Suitable for muscle strength and endurance and for postural improvement, which consequently leads to harmony of body and mind, I would add. I am happy to continue. Ad maiora!"

Paride P.

"Joint mechanics, kinesiology, functional anatomy, isometry, stretching, are the synthesis of pilates condensed and masterfully taught by Max Ratta."

Stefano P.

"Hi, I'm Adriana and I've been attending the gym (in the Pilates studio) in Grottammare for almost a year, where I practice Pilates with machines: this activity is really beautiful, I had heard so much about it and it was also recommended to me by a doctor , so I tried and the results were excellent !!! It feels really better, I recommend it great but, above all, I recommend the instructor Max Ratta who is really very good and very well prepared."

Adriana C.

"Deep knowledge, great professionalism and kindness. Perhaps it is a bit simplistic to describe it briefly in a few lines, Max is a person who loves his job and who manages to explain apparently complex concepts, making them simple. In less than 6 months Pilates has changed radically my body and my posture, seeing is believing! Thanks Max."

Maurizio R.

Testimony of June 22, 2014: Pilates Advanced Stage-Bucarest
"The internship with Max Ratta was beautiful, in every respect: beautiful people, especially in spirit, humble people and predisposed to learn, things new or old, people who came together guided by the same feeling:" passion ". some of them are instructors, others are passionate about the Pilates method. Today I received confirmation that if you do things with passion, you cannot fail. At this event I met a man of great value, MAX RATTA, before being a great professional, a positive, good, calm person, who managed to nourish my work for Pilates. In Pilates there are many things to say, but it is important who said them. Thanks to those who insisted that I come to this internship, I would have missed a great opportunity to meet Max Ratta, a great trainer, a man passionate about his work and from whom I have learned a lot. What I admire a lot is that the more they know things, the more the Pilates teachers become modest and more predisposed to teach even to others, and han no great self-control and patience. They don't punch on the chest, but they teach you how to do things without being presumptuous. Thanks Max Ratta!"

Madalina T.