Marco Sartor is a kinesiologist who helps you recover or increase motor function through the Pilates method. Graduated in Sports Sciences which will make him kinesiologist, he has participated in countless courses sponsored by the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI). The aim was the ambitious search for a working method that could qualify Marco as a high-level professional, a method that he fully finds in Pilates. Participate in 2 different international courses recognized by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA), the first training with the Master Trainer Massimiliano Ratta of the Body & Flow school and later with the Body Arts and Science international (BASI Pilates), with the Faculty Ilaria Pulidori, for a total of 4 years of study of the method, supported by an equally deepening and personal practice. He currently collaborates in the Contrology studio of Massimiliano Ratta, where he continues his growth as a kinesiologist thanks to a continuous technical and professional comparison, as well as the constant participation in new courses of study and updating.


Dr. Giulia Bassetti. Graduated in Physiotherapy from the University of Ancona, she is a certified Pilates teacher with the Body & Flow school. She strongly believes in Pilates as a therapeutic support in the recovery paths of her patients. She loves teaching and practicing Pilates in all its forms (Matwork and great tools). Her slogan is: “Pilates is an extraordinary means, for not only physical but also personal and introspective self-growth”.


Martina Ratta, Social Media Manager. Graduated in Political Science, master's student in Political and Government Sciences at the State University of Milan, freelance blogger and journalist, she takes care of the social, web marketing and communication part of the Pilates studio.


Two Degrees, in Law and Sports Sciences. Former professional Olympic marching athlete (his participation in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics is memorable), he is now one of the leading experts in biomechanics applied to athletic training for sports.
Professor of "Fundamentals of biomechanics of human movement" in the degree course in Sports Sciences at the Pegaso telematic university, professor at the CONI regional school of sport in Campania. In 2019 he was awarded the honor of Knight Order of Merit of the Italian Republic by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella.
Author of several texts on biomechanics and athletic training, he will lend his skills at the Contrology studio in consulting for basic athletic training for both professional and amateur sports.


Dr. Francesco De Luca: experience in the treatment of osteoarticular and muscular pathologies and discomfort caused by postural imbalances. A solid professional figure, who lends his skills in the Contrology studio as an Osteopath and Physiotherapist.
- Diplome d 'Osteopathe (D.O.)
E.F.S.O. Ecoile Francaise Superieure D’Osteopathie (recognized by the French Ministry of Health), Paris.
- Bachelor Sc. In Ostheopatic Medicine
Free University of Human and Technological Sciences (Lugano).
- Degree in Physiotherapy
University of Medicine and Surgery of the Studies of L'Aquila.
- Master's Degree in Sports Sciences, University of L'Aquila.
- ISEF Diploma
Higher Institute of Physical Education, L'Aquila.


Dr. Paride Travaglini, graduated in Biological Sciences from the University of Ancona. Freelance, he deals with nutrition and, in particular, sports nutrition, thanks to the experience gained in the world of sport. Multifaceted, creative, innovator, he loves cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. Particularly attentive to the issue of food safety and the phenomenon of fake news in the field of health, he makes scientific dissemination and food education.