The working method

STUDIO PILATES, our working method and organization of the lessons

"Double Pilates studio" with over 50 large tools

Our "Contrology Studio Pilates" is one of the major centers of excellence on the national territory, equipped with two rooms and over 50 large tools.

Our teaching team comes from a long training, based on international standards of the Body & Flow Pilates school. They carry out constant updating workshops, with the mission to constantly increase their skills and professionalism. Not last, investing in training, as well as in quality equipment, is the pillar fundamental of our approach towards this wonderful method which is Pilates.

Find out how our lessons are organized and choose the one you prefer! Individual and duet lessons are held by appointment, in consultation with the client on the day and time slot most suited to him. Small group lessons take place on schedule pre-established (consult the specific planning).

Dr. Massimiliano Ratta Pilates Master Trainer

Individual lesson (duration 55 min.)

It is structured on the objectives and needs of the person, after an initial postural and functional evaluation. In the first lessons we will work mainly on the classical repertoire of the Reformer, in combination with the fundamental movements of the matwork. Subsequently, based on the type of training path and the objectives to be pursued, the teacher will evaluate the inclusion of exercises on the other large tools.

Duet lesson (duration 55 min.)

Lesson held with two people. As in the individual lesson, it is structured on the basis to objectives and needs identified during the evaluation phase. Being a semi lesson private with two people, it will be preferable that these present needs and objectives similar, albeit with due and necessary adaptations. Otherwise, the teacher will evaluate a possible and more optimal initial step (in the case with some individual lessons before proceed with the duet lessons).

Small group lesson Reformer 1 and 2, with a maximum of 4 people (duration 55 min.)

Structured lessons on the classic repertoire of exercises on the Reformer with combination of exercises on spine corrector. Reformer 1 lessons include repertoire exercises basic and intermediate. Reformer 2 lessons include exercises from the intermediate repertoire and advanced. They are lessons particularly suitable for those who need to carry out exercises mainly with a closed kinetic chain and with less complex motor patterns compared to exercises with other systems, therefore: for those who approach Pilates for the first time time, for those who need work aimed at postural rebalancing, resolution of muscular imbalances, improvement of flexibility, toning and coordination.

Comprehensive small group lessons with all the large tools: Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, Pedi Pole, Matwork, with a maximum of 5 people (duration 55 min.)

Structured lessons on the complete repertoire of all exercises on large tools and matwork. They are divided into three levels (basic, intermediate and advanced). The lessons are based on one great variety of motor patterns and training stimuli through the use of all the greats gear. A clarification is important: the structure of the lessons, as well as the formation of our teachers, are based on the classic repertoire of the Pilates method, however despite being our work strictly based on the principles developed by Joseph Pilates, are held present the current methodological, physiological and biomechanical knowledge in the field of physical exercise. Based on this, the teacher will give more space in these lessons to their didactic and creative experience, through the proposal of a greater number of variations, modifications and intensity of the exercises.

Small group pilates lesson

Individual pilates lesson

Pilates equipment room

Pilates equipment room