Try a lesson in our studio and you will understand the difference!

What is the first meeting.

The first meeting in the studio will be held in a relaxing and informal context. Dress you with comfortable clothes and not loose, preferably tight. After an interview with the teacher you will be asked to fill in a questionnaire about your habits and your medical history. If you are suffering from any pathology you will be asked for a letter from your doctor, physiatrist or physiotherapist, the which will give any guidelines on the work to be done. Some postural assessment tests will be performed and functional. Based on this, after a first evaluation lesson, aimed at detecting any imbalances postures, needs and objectives, the teacher will develop a course of exercises tailored to you.

What are the benefits of Pilates.

Pilates is a workout aimed to developing synergistically, improving one's psycho condition physics, knowledge and self-perception. Learning to communicate with ourselves is an important goal that it will be useful at 360° in everyday life, greatly improving the quality of our life. After a few lessons (there is no fixed number, as individuality is taken into account), when the user will have started to assimilate the key concepts of the Pilates method, some exercises will be combined with the lessons in the studio to do at home. In the event that there are no particular contraindications, the lessons can be alternated in the study, with those of matwork in group, in order to mutually optimize the work.

Are the lessons individual or group?

The lessons will include both exercises with large tools and matwork exercises and whatever they will be lessons during which you will be followed individually. This is in order to allow the user to enter easily empathize with the key concepts of Pilates (concentration, control, centering, flowing movement, precision, breathing). After a first cycle of individual lessons, it will be evaluated with the teacher the possibility to continue with duet or small group lessons. Of course, both in regards the lessons in duet and small group, the inclusion in these lessons will take into account the level of training and goals that are being pursued. Periodically, postural and functional assessment tests will be repeated, in order to monitor the work and the progress you are making.

For organizational reasons it is not possible to take advantage of free trial lessons in the Pilates studio.

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